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Who we are


We are committed to

  • A clean, safe and healthy workplace and environment
  • Environmental stewardship and protecting the well-being of our customers, employees and the public

Health & Safety

Safety is the overriding value of all aspects of our business. We will continually provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees, our customers and the community. We demand safe work behavior, practices, design and systems.

Pollution Prevention

Pollution prevention is an operating objective. We strive to prevent or reduce the generation of waste at the source. Our impact on the environment is minimized through good engineering practices. Where waste cannot be eliminated, it will be managed in compliance with all applicable requirements.


We support and participate in the design, development and establishment of sound public policy and educational initiatives that protect human health and the environment. We work with governments and others in creating responsible laws, regulations and standards to safeguard the community, workplace and environment. We share with the communities our performance in the environmental, health and safety areas.


Compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations is required. All of our employees, from the officer level to the front line, are responsible and accountable for compliance and have an obligation to bring issues and concerns forward for resolution. We will actively seek sound business opportunities to go beyond regulatory requirements.